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Fourth of July Safety for Your Pets

Whether your pet is more mildly affected by the booms and crackles of the celebration weekend, or your pet experiences sheer terror and thinks the world will end, Fourth of July is a difficult time for most of our furry family members.  There are many tips and tricks that might help soothe a scared or anxious pet, but the most important thing to remember is to keep your frightened pets secured. Anxious and terrified pets are more likely to get loose and lost during the celebration weekend.

Please keep your pets secured in a safe area of your home if you will be away at parties and festivities, and if you have pets that can harm themselves or the household, it might be best to secure then in a crate or carrier to keep them safe.

If you are home, make sure your pet is not in the yard unsupervised.  If you are leash walking, have a good handle on the lead.  Scared pets may forget their manners and training, and may act differently than they typically do on a normal walk.  They could suddenly take off, pull hard, and get away if a firm grip and a full awareness during walks is not used.

There are several adjustments you can make to the household to try to help your pet cope with any noise phobia associated with the holiday.  Keeping windows covered during firework and firecracker displays helps minimize any visuals of the celebration.  Turning the radio on and up moderately loud, or having the TV playing with a good amount of volume can help drown out some of the booms and loud explosions.  There are over the counter products of varying types, from soothing scents to soothing clothing that can sometimes help individuals cope with their anxiety.  Allowing your pet to find a safe spot, and hide, without a lot of emotional reassurance, can sometimes help your pet cope (like a closet, a crate, or a favored bed in a more secluded spot in the home).  Sometimes, these smaller measures are not enough to help your pet cope.  If your pet is likely to harm himself or harm the environment due to his stress and anxiety, that it is best to speak to your veterinarian about an individualized plan that may include a combination of environmental changes, over the counter products and  medications that can help ease his anxiety, and fear. 

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July